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The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” is a system integrator and provides the services in the field of information technologies.
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Business Service Desk

Purpose of Business Service Desk

The united Business Service Desk is the center of registration, processing and control over the IT problems solution with a possibility of expanding to the solution of all the problems in the store.

This service is targeting increasing of efficiency and decreasing of the expenses for non-specialized internal business processes of the retail network.

Main tasks of Business Service Desk

  • receipt and recordingof requests from all the stores of the network regarding the problems related to the store functioning and information technologies, in the aggregate database;
  • solution of problems by the specialists of the Service or dispatching of the above problems to the related service (Technical support center, Center of the credit cards authorization, Engineer maintenance center, Service center of the anti-theft systems, etc.);
  • Service level agreement (SLA) i.e. agreement of time for the problems solution subject to the level of influence of the problem on the Customer business processes;
  • control over the recorded requests execution(in accordance with the agreed SLA);
  • arrangement of the base of knowledge with the solutions of the requests occurred (allows to find more quickly the solution of the similar problem);
  • arrangement of the base of knowledge of the history of requests (allows to gather statistic information and analyze data for preventive measures – replacement of equipment, training of the staff, solution of disputes with the service structures);
  • provision of accessof the Customer’s IT-department to the portal for control and analysis of the current status and results of the requests processing;
  • provision of the common free telephone number 8-800-ХХХ-ХХ-ХХ;
SMS-notificationof the Customer field engineers about the requests receipt from the objects within the sphere of their responsibilities.

Business Service Desk provides retail networks with the following options 

  • Helps the stores to solve the problems of the information technologies application and the store exploitation easier and more effective, almost non-abstracting from sales.
  •  Relieves the Central office of the retail network and provides the customer with the confidence that the problems of the stores will be either solved directly by the Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” or readdressed to the service companies, maintaining the related problems and technologies.
  • Allows optimization of the information technologies functioning on the basis of the results of the analysis of the information, gathered and summarized in the Business Service desk system.

Results of Business Service desk utilization

  1. Contributes in increasing of the amount of sales due to:
    • simplification and expedition of the problems solution for the stores (the staff is less abstracted from servicing of clients and sales);
    • constant control over the requests status in accordance with the agreed SLA (downtime is decreased);
    • possibilities of requests analysis and preventive measures (replacement of hardware or its parts, staff training, etc.).
    • increasing of availability level through the single point of contact, communications and information, i.e. all the problems could be addressed to the single telephone number.

  1. Enables not to enlarge the office staff in case of the network extension and provides an opportunity to charge the highly qualified personnel with the fulfillment of more important tasks than the operational activity of the stores servicing and cooperation with contractors.

At the same time the access to the Business Service Desk portal is reserved for the Customer’s IT department for control and possibility of analysis of the gathered data

Customer’s commentsNikolay Zaitsev, Vice-President of the Retail network L’Etoile:

For a long time we’ve been looking for a partner we could deliver the function of complete solution of the technical problems in the stores (notice: functions of the united Business Service Desk). Several Companies have been engaged, but among the other Companies, ED Retail Store Solutions has shown the highest level of readiness to provide the solution of this problem. Moreover, the pilot has been launched within few months, and it has been provided free of charge in the test mode. For sure there are issues to be improved, but the Company ED Retail Store Solutions demonstrates a good professional level, great desire and readiness to solve these problems. So we’ve delegated this service to the Company ED Retail Store Solutions. The project proved to be a success, and is going to be developed further on

L’Etoile, the largest all-Russia perfume and cosmetics retail network, added the Business Service Desk of ED Retail Store Solutions to its arsenal in February 2008. On April 2013 more than 796 stores of the L’Etoile network were included in the base of this convenient and profitable for business service. Business Service Desk of ED Retail Store Solutions is provided daily from 7 a.m. till 23 p.m,.all the problems within exploitation of the stores are supported.

We would be happy to have an opportunity to introduce to you this innovation service in details.