ED Retail Store Solutions
The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” is a system integrator and provides the services in the field of information technologies.
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Digital Signage. Turnkey projects.

ED Retail Store Solutions provides unique service for its customers – design of Digital Signage projects turnkey.

We learn from the leaders of the industry, but have built and are developing our own, independent from vendors, expertise.

Accumulated knowledge and competences enable us to provide quality service for all the tasks of Digital Signage projects:

  • Pre-project consulting that enables:

o  to reach unified terminology and generic knowledge of the subject,

o  to understand availabilities provided by Digital Signage technology,

o  to estimate the required terms when the technology would help to achieve the desired business results,

o  to formalize business requirements and define their priorities within the future project,

o  to formalize technical requirements for the project,

o  to approach to the founded selection of vendors and service companies.

  • Design of the new sites concepts and re-design of the existing sites content;
  • Design and implementation of creative installations;
  • Independent expertise and achieving of maximum capabilities of the existing solutions;
  • Independent expertise and setting of the “patchwork” of existing solutions to unique platform;
  • Development of content management architecture and projects implementation;
  • Design of unique standards of Digital Signage to optimize cost of ownership;
  • Creation of unified console of centralized management of the customer’s existing screens;
  • Arrangement and management of the Digital Signage project;
  • Integration of Digital Signage solutions with the other technologies – accounting systems, identification systems, electronic queues, mobile applications, video surveillance, etc.;
  • Creation of interactive Digital Signage projects with TOUCH technologies and RFID labels;
  • Delivery of software and all the necessary hardware;
  • Software setting;
  • Hardware installation or services of control and commissioning of installation works;
  • Project commissioning;
  • Maintenance of the project after launch;
  • Replacement of the existing polygraph POS materials with the digital frames and connection to the unified console of centralized management;
  • Content management outsourcing;
  • Content design;
  • Design of corporate conference communications instruments;
  • Elaboration of variants of digital methods of the personnel training;
  • Control of audio content with the help of unified console of centralized management.

Any service could be provided either as a single or in complex with the other services.

ED Retail Store Solutions is targeted at long-term strategy cooperation with its customers and partners.