ED Retail Store Solutions
The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” is a system integrator and provides the services in the field of information technologies.
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Software localization

ED Retail Store Solution provides services of support, localization and implementation of foreign POS and accounting applications for retail stores to work on the territory of Russian federation, with regards to all the requirements of Russian legislation and business specifics.

We provide the following services:

1.       Fiscal printers support.
  • Consulting on fiscal legislation.
  • Consulting on fiscal printers’ installation.
  • Consulting on setting of obligatory receipt details.
  • Consulting on forms of reports (x-report, z-report).
  • Consulting on perfect procedure of returns on POS.
2.       Bank processing support
  • Consulting on contacts with the leaders of bank processing, provision of intercommunication between processing and SW developers.
3.       Support of integration with regional loyalty systems.
4.       Support of hardware adaptation of SW to POS terminals certified to be used on the territory of RF.
5.       Translation of all the screens content of SW applications in strict accordance with business processes terms.
6.       Support of SW integration with Russian accounting systems.
7.       Translation of user guides and technical documentation of SW application.
8.       Consulting on localization of measuring units, if not defined in metrical system in original SW.
9.       Consulting on price tags design.
10.   Consulting on regulations in retail in Russia, that should be implemented in SW. For example, time restricted items, age restricted items.
11.   Testing of localized products and control of compliance with requirements for work in RF.
12.   Arrangement of exploitation training for Russian personnel.
13.   Help in arrangement and support of global principals of solutions support or arrangement of local service maintenance of SW and HW.
14.   Help and support in stores launch.
15.   Efficient support of the stores in all exploitation aspects.

We are experts in retail automation, and we are glad to help you in competent adaptation of your existing network solution to the requirements of Russian legislation and achieve success on Russian market.