ED Retail Store Solutions
The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” is a system integrator and provides the services in the field of information technologies.
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The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” is a system integrator and provides the services in the field of information technologies.

Professional services
  • Pre-project consulting, including pre-sale services
  • Business consulting
  • Project management services
  • Solution setting and deployment services
  • Solution integration with the customer existing systems services
  • Training of the customer’s employees
  • Complex maintenance
  • Project development services
  • Services of preparation and delivery of dedicated hardware (pre-sale preparation, individual setting)
  • Services of the dedicated hardware installation (mounting, configuration, implementation)
  • Engineer services (mounting, PC and local networks diagnostics)

Information and technologysupport

  • Technical support of the installed solutions
  • Support of end-users
  • United Service Desk for networks of stores
Individual approach to the projects enables implementation of the most reasonable and suitable solutions for the certain Company..

You can rely on our professional expertise in all the issues occurring during preparation and implementation of the projects.

Expertise of the Company’s specialists in certain spheres and knowledge of business processes enable participation in joint review and elaboration of business solutions with the customers, the above becoming the basis of IT projects.

Specialists responsible for the project provide post-project maintenance. They have knowledge about the certain project, accounting, enterprise. They are ready to help you not only with the problems regarding information technologies, but also with the essence of the problem you’re solving.

The Company provides services of united Service Desk for networks. Service Desk is a center of acceptance, processing and solution of problems of the stores functioning. Service Desk covers the tasks of acceptance, registration of requests, problems solution or transfering of these problems to the corresponding service center, control over execution of accepted requests from customer’s departments (stores, subsidiaries, etc.). The customer is provided with access to information portal, enabling him to analyze the current status and results of request processing.

Delivery of dedicated hardware is provided with complex individual pre-sale preparation, delivery is provided up “to the door” of equipment site in the state close to “rapid deployment” of the solution

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