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The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” provides dedicated single products and complete IT solutions for Retail stores.
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POS SW (54-FZ) for Retail "ED - KASSIR"

Brochure POS SW (54-FZ) for Retail "ED - KASSIR"

POS solution «POS SW ED – KASSIR» is a modern, favorable, simple, powerful and reliable software for POS-terminals for flexible management of sales in retail networks.

POS SW ED – KASSIR includes all the advantages of the previous software developed by ED Retail Store Solutions – ARM “KASSIR” that has won approval of the leaders of Russian retail market.

POS SW ED – KASSIR is developed to provide retail stores with the opportunity to meet expanding requirements of the customers and recover the new level of sales in retail:

  • increase quality and rate of customer service;
  • attract the customers’ attention to proposals and increase sales;
  • decrease cost of ownership and management of POS terminals;
  • modify efficiently business processes of sales;
  • successfully withstand and leave behind the competitors;
  • decrease dependence from individual developers/configurators;
  • secure investments.

The solution is scalable – it would be convenient for small-scale business and large retail networks. Simple and reliable configurations for local POS-terminal in the small shop and powerful solutions of individual service for network retail customers are built on the platforms of “POS SW ED -  KASSIR”  and our experience of support of business development, from single points of sale to federal retail leaders.  These configurations are provided with centralized management - of all the network and each POS terminal separately.

Major advantages of POS solution POS SW ED – KASSIR for the stores

General information:

  • industrial solution, developed exclusively for point of sales – it defines the key advantage over solutions based of platforms–constructors; our solution is more favorable, rapid, stable, requires less hardware resources and support;
  • high reliability and simplicity of exploitation;
  • affordable cost of ownership – licenses could be provided as service;
  • reliable, powerful and free of charge DBMS Firebird;


  • visual configuration of the store chain and data exchange management from CO;
  • version control;
  • availability to see sales and current status of each POS ON-LINE in CO;
  • support of schedules of each POS parameters application, for example, “on/off” of events;
  • centralized and address automatic management of POS settings in retail network;
  • own transport system of data management;
  • integrated procedures of information defense and recovery;
  • configuration of employees rights;
  • personal sales of each cashier and seller;
  • mixed receipt payment (cash, bank card, gift certificate and others);
  • Omni Channel support, online store receipt;
  • ability to display photos of items;
  • deferred receipt;
  • receipt flexible rounding system;
  • different types of item returns, including returns on any POS of the store chain;
  • extended logging of the cashier's work and POS equipment;
  • check equipment health at the start of the system work;
  • automatic update at system launching;

The loyalty management:

  • integrated with MANZANA CRM loyalty system;
  • gift in receipt, accounting of the gifts;
  • extensive availabilities of configuration and provision of discounts;
  • integrated system of accumulative loyalty cards to support loyalty clubs of large amounts;
  • integrated bonus system;
  • integrated gift cards processing;


  • integration with Digital Signage systems;
  • support for the second cashier screen as a customer display with the ability to output information about the receipt and advertising information;


  • support of keyboard and touch-screen interfaces;
  • hardware (selection of POS/PC and FP) and software (OS MS Windows XP Embedded and high) independence;

Integration and Service:

  • minimum time and affordable financial expenses for solution integration and implementation;
  • availability to provide services of special Business ED Service Desk for the stores, that could manage all the exploitation issues of the store.

  Solution is based on:

  • more than 20 years of successful development and implementation of software products for the leaders of Russian Retail;
  • deep understanding of current requirements and tendencies of modern retail business development;
  • cooperation and analyses of POS solutions of the world leaders.

SW ED – KASSIR is an available alternative against implementation of expensive POS solutions of world vendors.