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Gift certificates processing

Brochure “Gift certificates processing” (in .pdf)

Stop paying for processing transactions and start purchasing of gift certificates!

We have solution for you - own gift cards processing!


“Gift certificates management” application provides total cycle of gift certificates processing, including financial and non-financial operations, gift certificates removal (withdrawal from circulation), etc. Application is developed for HQ and works with POS application, exchanging commands and data.

Support of the following certificates types and their features:

  • Fixed or free value certificate.
  • Certificate as means of payment or as discount.
  • For discount certificates – as an amount or percentage.
  • Certificate with total or partial clearance.
  • Certificate with replenishment.
  • Certificate with PIN code.
  • Customizable terms of certificate validity (days, months, till certain date).
  • Variants of certificates commissioning – purchase, issue.
  • Accounting of certificate issue as a prize.


  1. HQ. Gift certificates server. Separate work place.
  2. POS. API library to integrate with POS application.

Technical requirements

  • Work place in HQ. OS – Windows, DB. DBMS Firebird (FB) 2.5.1, Simultaneous FB connects: Classic up to 150; SuperServer – maximum 1000. Server OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.


  • Specialized licensed solution – no limitations and no payment for each transaction.

Gift certificates accounting in terms of several different legal entities

  • Integration with POS applications of different developers.
  • Reliable and free of charge Firebird DBMS.
  • Pre-setting of roles for working places in HQ.
  • Availability to set access levels for users, including user’s work only with the set list of legal entities.
  • Support of gift certificates in POS application “ED – KASSIR” and specialized gift cards manager work place in HQ.

Main functionality:

  • Emission (issue) of gift certificates with certain features.
  • Export of file with the list of certificates to deliver to the producer of plastic cards.
  • Acceptance and entry control of issued certificates.
  • Delivery of certificates to the stores.
  • Transference of certificates within all the departments of retail network.
  • Request of certificate information at POS.
  • Purchase/issue of certificate at POS.
  • Total or partial clearance of certificate.
  • Return of certificate.
  • Return of items paid by gift certificate.
  • Printing of slip receipts for transactions related to gift certificates.
  • Block/unblock of certificate (temporary freezing/restart of validity).
  • Annulation of certificate (cancellation forever).
  • Change of terms of certificate validity.
  • Availability to sell gift certificated through HQ.
  • Gift certificates operations history.
  • Gift certificates reports in terms of legal entities.

POS application «POS SW ED – KASSIR» is a modern, favorable, simple, powerful and reliable software for POS-terminals for flexible management of sales and marketing activities in retail networks.