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The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” provides dedicated single products and complete IT solutions for Retail stores.
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Digital Signage

“Digit” is replacing polygraphy and static billboards!

Meet the new opportunities of business development – digital windows and kiosks - Digital Signage technology.

This complex solution provides creation of content and centralized control of all the types of digital support of sales – LCD and LED screens, video walls, kiosks, frames, tablets, windows, etc.

Mail advantages of Digital Signage technology:

  • High rate of advertising and information content modification;
  • Cost of update and launch of the new content is close to zero (current cost of Light boxes manufacturing and further update is much more);
  • High level of information control for the customers;
  • New quality of content for the customers;
  • Interactivity.

These technologies attract new customers and increase purchases of the existing customers.

Major business targets of the technology:

  • Attraction of the customers’ attention to the stores of the network (content about network);
  • Customers focus their attention at the promoted production (content about the specific brand or item);
  • Attraction of young people interested in new design and technologies, to the stores;
  • Loyalty to the customers – pleasant atmosphere in the store (content for cheerful mood – sun in rainy day, warm sea in cold winter, cool in the mountains in hot summer day);
  • New site for advertising, that could be sold;
  • Feedback – interactive content – collection and provision of information under requests;
  • Availability of audio content delivery on the same basis.

Software providing delivery and control of content from the office to each store and to each point in the store is the core of the solution.

We have 4 software products of the leaders in Digital Signage in our portfolio:



        Magic Info (Samsung)                    

Bright Sign                                     

Selection of the hardware manufacturer for the project is made together with the customer on the basis of business requirements and project budget.

We offer:

  • Participation in project development of the new stores and redesign of existing stores;
  • Calculation of the project cost and cost of single components;
  • Arrangement and control over Digital Signage project
  • Software and hardware delivery;
  • Software setting and hardware installation;
  • Launch of the project;
  • Project maintenance;
  • Content control outsourcing.