ED Retail Store Solutions
The Company “ED Retail Store Solutions” provides dedicated single products and complete IT solutions for Retail stores.
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ED Retail Store Solutions provides special products and complex IT-solutions for retail stores.

All the available products and solutions are the leaders in their segments and possess the best combination of characteristics, prices and quality.

Software products developed by ED Retail Store Solutions are presented in the section Software, namely: Software for Retail, Software for Cafe and Fast-food, complex solution "Mobile POS", POS and Digital Signage integration solution and CEO Mobile Monitor solution. The best solution for Fashion и Luxury Retail developed by Cegid - Yourcegid Retail and innovation solution of access control and management on the basis of biometric identification, are also presented in this Section. Software solutions for all the types of digital content control and samples of Digital Signage products projects in different fields are presented in the Section Digital Signage.

The best IT hardware for retail – POS terminals, fiscal printers, professional LFD panels, barcode scanners and printers, information kiosks, vending equipment, audio-light system – are presented in the Section Hardware.

Innovation technologies providing customers self-payment of purchases without the help of the cahiers, are presented in the Section Self-service systems.